About Us

As a family business, Kidz Galore has managed to retain the personal touch, which we feel is most important when dealing with life’s most precious gift.

Kidz Galore is a respected, local provider of child care services providing early childhood education for children aged 0-5 years. Established in 1995, Kidz Galore is owned by three families, with Director Sue Turner responsible for managing overall operations. This year, Kidz Galore celebrates 24 years of providing exceeding education and care to Perth families.

Our four centres are located within close proximity to one another which assists Kidz Galore in becoming a significant part of our local community, caring for hundreds of children and often bringing families together in lasting friendships. Our staff members play an integral role in creating such an environment. Most of our educators have been with us for many years, only leaving to have their own children – and then returning to work with their babies!

Our business management and childcare management credentials are well established. We service a wide cultural diversity of families, and also cater for children with special needs.

We are proud that all our Kidz Galore centres have achieved a National Rating of Exceeding National Quality Standards. We pride ourselves as a small company in our achievements locally and nationally, striving to ensure that all children in our care receive the highest level of quality care and education.  We believe that children deserve a positive and caring environment in which to grow. When you and your child become part of Kidz Galore, you will become part of our extended family.

Company History

Kidz Galore Pty Ltd. is a respected local provider of child care services established in 1995, and is a privately owned by Sue Turner, Stephen Hauville and Peter Hearn.

The Kidz Galore family has been operating continuously for 24 years; we continually strive to improve on our service offering to consistently achieve excellence in child care. As a family business, Kidz Galore has managed to maintain the personal touch,which is of utmost importance when dealing with life’s most precious gift.

As a young mother, Director Sue Turner set out to find quality child care for her own two children so she could return to work. She quickly discovered this was not an easy task, and from there blossomed her dream to open a child care centre that would provide the quality education and care that she had been searching for. In 1995, Kidz Galore was born and the first centre in North Perth was opened.

Sue is the Managing Director of Kidz Galore and manages the overall operations of all four Kidz Galore centres. Sue has played a significant role in the early education and care industry in Western Australia and has contributed to the development of the Western Australian standards which now form part of the National Quality Standards.

From the very beginning, Sue’s ethos has been to ensure that every child in our care would feel a strong sense of family and belonging, allowing them to flourish emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.

With Sue’s background in pediatric nursing, she brought with her invaluable knowledge of children’s development and care, as well as a commitment to providing the highest hygiene standards. During the past 24 years, Sue has established strong relationships with local metropolitan councils and is committed to supporting local families.

Our Philosophy

Our centre is a place where children’s voices are valued.  As educators we build responsive, trusting relationships with each child to create a strong sense of belonging. We encourage children to make their own choices and decisions and enable them to influence events in their world. We create and support strong relationships with families. We respect their views and encourage their input whilst continually maintaining warm and open relationships with them.

We take pride in our aesthetically beautiful environments where children can engage with nature within a play based learning environment. We believe routine is necessary to enhance children’s sense of security and wellbeing, allowing for spontaneity and flexibility. We believe in equity, inclusion and honouring diversity and advocate for childrens rights and dignity. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional owners of the land on which our centre is built.

Our Team

  • Sue Turner

    21 years ago as a young mum I set out on a mission to find quality child care for my own children so that I could return to work knowing that they would receive the standard of care I wanted for them in my absence. As a result of not finding what I wanted Kidz Galore was born. I now believe Kidz Galore is an environment that meets every child’s individual needs. I am proud of what we as a company provide for all the children in our care.

  • Joanne Clarke

    I began my Kidz Galore journey in 2000 when I moved to Australia with my husband. Over the last 16 years Kidz Galore has become a huge part of my family. I have not only watched my own children thrive in the Kidz Galore environment and move on to school as confident and enthusiastic learners but I have had amazing opportunities to develop myself; first as an educator and now as a Manager within the company. The team environment at Kidz Galore and the passion for delivery of a high quality education is what makes Kidz Galore an outstanding early learning centre and one I am extremely proud to be part of.

  • Deb Nind

    I joined the Kidz Galore family in 1999 where I started work in the Toddlers room. I worked in a variety of different age groups across the company as a Qualified Educator before moving into a Management role. Kidz Galore has always been an extended family to me with both of my daughters also having attended Kidz Galore. I truly believe in the Kidz Galore philosophy and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. To be involved in a centre that is able to provide such an exciting environment, to see children thrive and provide families with support and connection is so rewarding not to mention the huge support given to me as a working mother.

  • Colette Thair

    Mason, Thomas, Kayla and I have been part of the Kidz Galore family since 2008. Being part of Kidz Galore is like an extension of our family and feels like home.

  • Chenelle Orchard

    I started my Kidz Galore journey in 2006. Right from the beginning I knew this was the place that I could spend my days learning, growing and working with amazing people who all share the same passion and love for children. I have now been working for Kidz Galore for 10 years and have grown in many ways in which I am forever grateful. Kidz Galore offers nothing but high standards for their employees, families and children. Kidz Galore has given me unlimited knowledge and an appreciation for working with such an amazing company that encourages you and helps you to strive for your ultimate best. The warm environment in which we work in is one to treasure and is greatly appreciated, as if you were at home. I couldn’t ask for a better company to be a part of and I hope one day my family will become a part of this forever growing family.

  • Orla Marley

    I have been part of the Kidz Galore team since July 2013. From the first day I started, I could sense the welcoming and friendly environment that is Kidz Galore.  I could see the excitement and delight on each child’s face during their day at Kidz Galore. The standard of education and care in Kidz Galore is second to none. I have always felt supported and acknowledged in my role and look forward to many more years with Sue and the Kidz Galore team.